Corporate Growth

For corporate growth, Ulloo offers individual coaching and training, as well as coaching, training and supervising groups. Ulloo always delivers custom work. Every person and organization is different, and has different needs. Is there a reorganization on hand? Do you have an employee  on sick leave and are you looking for guided reintegration? Has a new (political) administration been introduced?


Contact Ulloo for a customized intake and offer.  Below you will find an overview of some workshops and trainings. You decide the composition of your workshop and / or training yourself. You can choose from parts of existing workshops, or a fully customized workshop.


Typing and categorizing people by bodybuilding and posture? Is that possible? Is that right to do so? What information does it provide? According to Sigmund Freud and Wilhelm Reich - both psychologists - Alexander Lowen discovered that our body is a mirror of our character.  In this workshop you will get insight into the different character structures, the aspects in which they excel and where they are less competent. Chances are you will be able to see that specific colleague who’d rather avoid in a different perspective, and might get closer. But above all will you gain insight into yourself. How you act, and especially why you act how you act.  It's too far fetched to use characterology in job applications, but when you make up your ideal team, it's definitely something to keep in mind.


A workshop that is very suitable for the front office and other departments with several stakeholders. After this workshop  you will never look the same at people again.


During the Summer School 2016 of the municipality of Amsterdam, the workshop Mask Structures was rated with an 8!


Presentation Skills

The departments, the experts, have the substantive knowledge. They are good at their job, but can they pass that knowledge and all developments in their field to colleagues from other departments? To third parties? To the board? And also vice versa! How visionary a board of directors may be, if they are unable to share their vision with the rest of the organisation the vision will never be manifested leaving all disillusionated.


Too often knowledge, information is isolated and full implementation of the strategy is prevailed.

Not everyone is born to be on stage, yet everyone can feel comfortable and powerful in presenting. In this interactive workshop participants will work with language, intonation, body language.  There is a strong focus on constellation and energetic positions enabling all participants to be comfortable in public presentations with a clear message to tell.

Group dynamics

Every group, department, organization has a group dynamics. Unwritten rules how to interact, how the group dynamics works. 

Unwritten laws and rules how to interact, how everyone interacts and how the group works.  Often we take that group dynamics as permanent, rock solid but nothing is less true! Everybody influences the group.  In this workshop you will learn insight into group dynamics, how the group dynamics are built, what everyone's role is and especially how you can influence group dynamics.  


Is your organization, your department, about to merge? Facing the same old patterns and ready for a new course of direction? Then is the right moment for a workshop Group Dynamics.  As a team building or a "away day" this interactive workshop creates a big impact.

Meditation – more than just sitting still

“I do not see myself sitting on a mat for hours!”  Fortunately, meditating is much more than just sitting and contemplating. There are various methods and techniques. There is always one that suits you best.  In this workshop you will learn and experience different meditation techniques. By the end of the day you are all “zen” and inspired.

Meditation techniques/forms amongst others:
-    breath meditation
-    bodyscan
-    colour

Duration: variable 1-2 half days

Do you take your work home?

Stress is the biggest and best-known demon we take home. But what is that stress? What’s it about? How do you recognize them, and especially how can you leave work at work?  After an introduction, you will learn by excercises what stress is, how you can become aware of stress, and how stress affects you. Both physically, mentally and emotionally.  Together you will study stress in more detail. What influence stress has on you and how you can influence the affects yourself.


Through energetic work you will experience that you can direct and influence that stress very well.  At the end of the workshop you go home with new insights, you will be comfortable and stress free in body and mind. Yet above all will have the tools and insight to live a stress-free life.

Duration: variable 1-2 half days

Prices and locations

For groups up to 8 people, a basic rate of € 475, - per day applies. A quotation applies for groups over 8 people.  In addition to this base rate, additional costs may be incurred, depending on the client's wishes. For example location costs, lunch, reports and other amenities.


Ulloo currently uses a number of locations in Amsterdam East for workshops and / or coaching sessions:  


- Hortus Botanicus

- Zoku

- Volkshotel

- hotel arena  

Would you rather have a workshop at a different location? Ulloo is looking forward to find the most suitable location near you.  All prices are exclusive of VAT and travel / accommodation costs.


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