Ulloo believes in a society in which both individuals and organizations are aware of their strengths and capabilities, and can best get the most out of themselves. That we are able to create our own lives. As who doesn’t want to live the life of their dreams? Yet the pressure is high: our smartphones are buzzing 24/7 and we are constantly overloaded with information. Ulloo provides people and organizations the tools and insights needed to deal with change and stress. I empower peopl so they can take charge of their own life.

Ulloo is unique in her approach, a combination of choaching, energetic work and breathing exercises. This combination of techniques adress all levels; mental, emotional and physical. And thus ensuring a strong foundation for change. Something that is often lacking in regular coaching methods.

Individuals can opt for a single session or one of the total packages. Experience shows that even a single session by this integral approach has a significant impact. Are you at the beginning of a series of (big) changes? Would you fully want to integrate these change(s)? If so then multiple session might be the thing you’re looking for. A package offers many extra benefits. Please check out “Personal Growth”.

For Corporate Ulloo only offers custimozed options. Wether you’re looking for training sessions, group workshops or individual (leadership) coaching for managers and employees. More information can be found under “Corporate Growth”.



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energy coaching

"Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics". - Albert Einstein


Einstein said, "Everything is energy." Matter is for 99.99% empty space. But what is that energy then? And how are you able you use energy? How one feels at an energetic levels determines one’s perspective, feeling and behaviour. Some we are unfortunately hardly aware off.

Events, beliefs, emotions are stored early in our body. We harden ourselves, become less mobile. Muscles tense up, and our thoughts get stiff. At the same time it is so unconscious and such a gradual process that we are unaware of it. We just “are” the way we are. Or atleast we think so.

The same principle applies to our energetic field. In our hectid lives we over flooded and overloaded by signals, events and circumstances that affect our energy field. As a result many people suffer from distrubances in theier energy system, which can cause all kinds of symptons and which result in an unbalanced grounding.  Without a proper grounding - which is no more than charging and releasing of the energy system -  you are only able to use part of your capacities, your abilities.

Ulloo has developed an integral and holistic way of coaching. Energetics and constellations are combined in a unique way with bodywork based on yoga, enabling you to live up to your full capacities.


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