light the path

learn yoga in 30 days - 


Do you want a more flexible body, a more flexible mind? Would you like more awareness and focus in daily life? Do you long for the times as a child when you would move intuitively? Have you ever wondered how it is possible to stand on your head or how to use props?  This is your change to find out and to explore the yoga mat.

Join me and people all across the globe in this special free 30 Day Yoga Journey designed to make you feel balanced, energised and uplifted


Learn to listen more closely to your body, strengthen your muscles and tone your mind on the yoga mat. 


Treat yourself on some well deserved "You time". Because you are worth it!  :)


During 30 days you will receive a video. In the videos the physical postures (asanas) are explained, techniques are shown and demonstrated and a sequence is laid out. Alterations and alternatives are given as our bodies and mindsets vary and practising yoga should feel comfortable. Besides the physical postures we will focus on the breath as our breath is our companion to move in and out of the asanas. 


You are invited to share your feedback and pop all questions related to yoga in our private Facebook group: Light the Path - 30 Day Yoga Journey. A warm, energetic and safe space to explore, learn and share with your fellow yoga explorers.

Are you ready to shine light on your path?

We’re starting on Wednesday 6th of march. Hop on and register below.