My drive

"When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still". - Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Passion to inspire

Driven as I am I stayed for a couple of years in Asia, mainly India. Travelling, studying and later on even living. I was totally fascinated by energy, the language of energy. Alternating I stayed in ashrams to immers myself in the silence, to explore the silence. While I also had the wonderful opportunity for private tutuition in yoga by a Brahman priest or immerse in the buzzing hectic of the city life (Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi). This unique combination of opposites made me feel like a fish in the water. I felt like home.

Back in the Netherlands I kept on hearing the language of energy and I participated in a 3 yrs energetic coaching study where I didn’t only learn my favorite language – energy – but which was also a process to digest and cope with my past. Just like anyone I had my portion of bumps on the road. I experienced that I was easily able to aknowledge and let go due to this energetic approach. I became stronger, more empowered. By practicing yoga, de physical movements, the breathing exercises and meditation I was able to embody this strength and awareness. I was able to implement it in my daily life.

The combination of an energetic approach, constellations and bodywork is so powerful, and within each and everyone’s reach, that I dedicated myself fulltime on coaching. As what is more beautiful than to help others be the best versions of themselves?

“Dare to live”. Too often we keep hanging in the known, the past, as it’s safe there. We know the place, though it might not be pleasant. Get out of your comfort zone, dare to live. You will be amazed what you are all capable off”.


•    Energy Coach (2016) – Amersfoort (NL)
•    NLP (2015) - Amsterdam (NL)
•    Yoga Therapy (2010) -  Nasik (India)
•    Advanced Yogic Studies (2010) - Nasik (India)
•    Yogic Studies (2010) - Mysore (India)
•    Yogic Studies (2008) - Nasik (India)
•    Yogic Science (2007) - Bangalore (India)
•    Yoga Therapy (2007) - Bangalore (India)


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