Are you looking for more balance in your life? Are you ready for the next step yet you are uncertain how to act? Did someting happen in your life and you’re facing a sudden change? Like sickness, lay-off, divorce or someone passing away? Ulloo is here to give you a hand and support you how to deal with these changes.

In the intake we look at which combination of methods is best for you. Perhaps you already have a clear image in your mind, but you do not know how to integrate it. For example, the emphasis can be on bodywork. But vice versa is also possible. That you want to apporach something more analytical. To  get a clear picture. Anything is possible.

You can opt for a single session, or one of the advantageous packages which provide you all sort of extras like weekly contact or unlimited email Q&A’s. Contact Ulloo to check out what suits you best and how you can grot to your full potential. 

Do you follow your heart?

- Do you have the feeling everything is just overwhelming?
- Do you feel stuck?
- Are your limits exceeded?
- Do you find it difficult to indicate your limits?
- Do you want to stand firmer on your feet in life?
- Do you want to gain more confidence?
- Are you uncertain what your next move should be?
- Do you find it difficult to tell others what’s really on your mind?
- Do you feel at drift?
- Do you feel futile?
- Do you find it hard to say “no”?
- Do you feel the need to serve everyone

If you answered one (or more) of these questions with “yes” Ulloo can most certainly assist you.

Are you ready to choose for yourself, your personal growth and happiness?  


Make an appointment for a free intake of choose of the total pakages.

Single coaching session (60 min)

A single coaching session might give you that boost you are looking for! You can choose for either a 60 or 90 min session.


Often in one or a few sessions you get the momentum going and you will gain tons of insight to implement in your daily life. Depending on how fast en steep you want to progress you can opt in for further and future sessions.

60 min = 95,-/90 min = 137,50

€ 95,-
(120 min)

Always wanted to know more about your energy field? A reading gives you a roadmap to blockages you might be feeling yet are unable to pin down.


Stored and blocked energy – causes by events in the past which are experienced as traumatic – is removed. Enabling a free flow of energy throughout your system.

7 days after the session you receive a full report in your mailbox. As a bonus you receive exercises and tips how to treat and balance your energy field.

€ 165,-
Guided Meditations
(30 min/audio)

Special for you: a custumized guided meditation! In this guided meditation you will enter the deeper and slower brainwaves, enabling you to wind down and relax. In Theta state the nervous system – responsible for the “fight”, “flight” or “freeze” response – is able to calm down. The respitory lowers downs, the brain activity becomes coherent and you are open and suggestive for new concepts.

Wether you are looking for more selfesteem, if you want to get rid off your performance anxiety, if you want to prepair yourself for that upcoming assesment, how to deal with stress, sickness or any specific situation. Your customized guided mediation will be a powerful tool.

You will receive the audio digitally. Once received you can download and save the meditation on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or pc. That way you have acces any time and anyplace to your personal guided meditation.

€ 45,-
Kick Start (package)

This powerful kick start begins with extensive reading and subsequent 2 coaching sessions of 60 minutes. There is also a weekly contact in the form of 15 min phone support. A moment to spruce and to adjust any course. All sessions take place within a period of 1 month. You get a real boost!


Are you in the “Kick Start” and want to switch to the “Your life” package as you get the hang of it and don’t want to delay your new life any longer? Let us know within 24 hrs after your first coaching session and we’ll make it happen.

€ 395,-
Your life (package)

With this total package you put your life well on the map of the Universe. After a reading you will have gained insight of blockages holding you back. 5 subsequent coaching sessions of 60 minutes each will deal with those blockages. In addition there is a weekly contact session, you will receive a personal guided meditation, you will keep a journal and you will have unlimited acces to email contact. In this intensive process all sessions take place within 2 months. You can hit the high tunes and really put your life well on the map.

€ 695,-
Your Life Ultimate (package)

With this ulitmate total package you not only put your life well on the map of the Universe, but also how to to secure your life. After an insightful reading you know exactly where and what those blockages are that prevent you from living the life you’ve always wanted. In 10 coaching sessions of 60 min each you work actively to fintune your new life.

In addition there is a weekly contact session and a weekly video providing you with tips, information and your assignment for that week. Journaling is part of the proces and above all you have unlimited acces to email contact. In this intensive process, all sessions take place within 4 months. Just say “hello” to your new life!

€ 1295,-

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