Everything is energy! Your thoughts, your body, your emotions. How well do you know and connect with your energy?

Do you feel tired after a day at office? Do you feel drained after the weekly board meeting while you were buzzing just before? Would you like to sleep better, be more focussed? Do you sometimes question your actions leaving you clueless while you acted the way you did? Would you just like to be and feel more "you"?! Good chance your energy levels are out of balance!

How the Spark Up Your Energy Levels in 10 Days works:

This 10 day free challenge will help you become aware of your energetic system, how energy works and how you can move your energy around to make you feel better simply by using techniques like breath awareness, visualisation, bodywork (yoga), neuroscience and others. As when you feel good you can achieve anything.

Each weekday you will get a recorded tip to help you be present in the here & now, to take care of your mind, body and spirit AND you will get a daily prompt so you can become bff with your energy and take charge of your life.

As energy explorers you share your feedback on the daily prompts in our private Facebook group. A warm, energetic and safe space to explore, learn and share with your fellow challengers.

Are you ready to embark on this journey?

We’re starting on Wednesday 20th. Hop on and register below.